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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

AXA MBASK Insurance Company presents to your attention various corporate insurance programs. Thanks to many years of cooperation with various types of companies and organizations we acquired great experience of identifying the demands of our customers. This experience helps to provide the most optimal solutions both to small companies and large enterprises.

We always stood for individual approach in customer service. That’s why our professionals will carefully examine your request so as to provide you with the most optimal solution for your business.

We can provide you with a various products for such types of insurance as:


  • Property and Motor insurance
  • Life and health insurance of personnel
  • Third party liability
  • Insurance for many other aspects of your company activity

In addition to insurance coverage we shall analyze various risks at your enterprise and provide you with recommendations how to reduce them.

AXA MBASK Insurance Company is anxious for a long term cooperation with its corporate clients and so as to reach this goal we are striving to build partnership relations focused at our clients.

Motor insurance


During the last several years AXA MBASK Insurance Company keeps leading position in motor insurance on insurance market of Azerbaijan.

Due to its experience in cooperation with various types of corporate clients, AXA MBASK Insurance Company acquired a unique expertise in work both with small companies and large enterprises owning big motor fleets.

We offer all range of insurance products which are applied in international practice. Motor insurance is offered on the following conditions.

Advantages of insuring at AXA MBASK:


  • Evacuation of the vehicle from the accident scene,
  • Repair of the vehicles is conducted only in approved repair centers,
  • Repair of new vehicles with after sale service is conducted only at the official distributor’s workshop,
  • All small damages are paid without the documenting the accident by Police (if there is no subrogation rights of insurer),
  • Option to get financial indemnity after the estimation of the damage by the insurance company,
  • Appointment of special coordinator for the settlement of your company’s claims and contracts management,
  • Info support,
  • Special insurance rates for your company personnel’s vehicles.
Property insurance


Property is the main asset of any company therefore its reliable protection is the basis of company’s successful development.
If you are provided with reliable insurance protection then any problems that may happen to your premises, equipment, raw materials or products will not do much harm to your business. By insuring your property you will always be ready to face any problems and to overcome them with minimum time and money costs.

AXA MBASK Insurance Company has a great experience in property insurance.
We can offer you the best insurance products and you have the opportunity to have a look on general information about those products right now.

Advantages of insuring at AXA MBASK:

  • Individual approach to every client and option to choose the most appropriate conditions for every customer,
  • Reliable reinsurance protection,
  • Insurance consultancy on minimization of risks at your company, including recommendations regarding the improvement of fire protection,
  • Opportunities to arrange special trainings for your employees on fire-fighting safety conducted by experienced professionals,
  • Appointment of special coordinator for the settlement of your company’s claims and contracts management,
  • Info support,
  • Special insurance rates for your company personnel’s vehicles

Subject-matters of insurance:

  • Premises, constructions (including repair costs);
  • Communications, industrial equipment,
  • Office, electronic and trade equipment, furniture,
  • Stock of raw materials, finished products and other property.

Risks insured:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion,
  • Natural disasters, earthquake,
  • Falling of aircraft or other flying devices or their fragments,
  • Damage by water resulting from burst of pipes or overflow of reservoirs,
  • Malicious damage by third parties including theft with (violent or forcible) burglarious entry,
  • Impact by motor vehicles,
  • Landslip, subsidence, mudflow,
  • Other risks.
Liability insurance


Activity of any enterprise is connected to risk of damage to health, life or property of third parties. In such a case company is responsible to indemnify the damage in full and it results in serious financial expenses.

Third party liability insurance is one of the most reliable and efficient ways of protection of company's interests connected to the damage to third parties.

AXA MBASK Insurance Company offers a wide range of insurance products on liability insurance such as:

General third party liability
This type of insurance covers civil liability of the insured for the damage to health, life or property of third parties. 

Scope of cover:

  • Reimbursement of Insured's expenses connected with the damage to health, life or property of third parties,
  • Reimbursement of all legal expenses of Insured.

Employer's liability insurance.
This insurance program is designed for companies concerned about their image of attractive employer caring of its employees. Moreover it helps to save costs of compensation for damage to health of employees.

This type of insurance covers employer's liability for the damage to life or health of employees according to the labor and civil legislation of Azerbaijan Republic.

You can insure your liability against the following persons:

Full-time employees;


Students on internship.


Carrier's liability insurance
The purpose of this type of insurance is to cover Insured's valuable interest related with his liability to indemnify damage to life, health or property of third parties occurred during the transportation of cargo or during the rendering of freight forwarding services.

Costs related with investigation of the accident or rescue of the cargo and legal costs also can be insured by this type of insurance.

Cargo insurance


Regardless of the conditions of transportation agreement there is always possibility of losses during the carriage. Cargoes often are being damaged, stolen or spoilt. According to the statistics the most frequent losses are theft, shortage or partial damage. The most rational solution in such situations is cargo insurance.
For many years AXA MBASK Insurance Company provides reliable insurance protection for transportation and storage of cargoes.
Subject matters of insurance: 


  • All types of cargoes carried by any type of transport
  • Expenses related with carriage
  • Expected profit at the destination point

Risks insured:

List of risks insured may vary depending on demands of the insured. Based on the international experience in cargo insurance our company provides coverage from various risks according to the conditions of internationally accepted Cargo Insurance Clauses by Institute of London Underwriters (ILU).

We insure such risks as:

  • Theft;
  • Robbery;
  • Deliberate or undeliberate damage by third parties;
  • Loss of cargo with carrying vehicle;
  • Fire;
  • Explosion;
  • Road traffic accident;
  • Crash;
  • Natural disasters
  • Falling
  • Damage resulting from collision üith other objects, etc.
Construction and erection risks insurance


This type of insurance allows to compensate financial losses resulting from various unforeseen events occurred in process of construction, repair, renovation works or during the after-launch warranty period, protecting interests of principal and contractor. 

Subject-matters of insurance:

  • Construction and erection works, including buildings, engineering and other constructions, roads, tunnels, bridges and other facilities, construction materials;
  • Construction machinery and equipment, cranes, derricks, mixers, pumps, compressors, transformers, temporary constructions, warehouses, etc
  • Expenses related with debris removal after the accident, expenses related with overtime payments for cargo carriages related with the accident,
  • After-launch warranty period liability insurance;
  • General third party liability during the construction, erection works or during the after-launch warranty period.

Insurance conditions

All risks insurance including:

  • Fire, explosion, hurricane, earthquake, volcano, flood, landslip, landscape, rainfall, mudflow, snow, breakage of communications (water line, sewerage, energy supply, etc)
  • Electric circuit fault, overload of electricity,
  • Collapse or partial damage to objects,
  • Use of rejected machinery or materials subject to Insured being uninformed before accident,
  • Malicious acts of third parties including theft and robbery,
  • Other unforeseen events, not stated as exclusions in the insurance contract.
  • Insurance rates: rates depend on the type of the works (construction, repair, renovation, etc), building, environmental factors, building technicians’ qualifications and other factors affecting the risk.
Machinery and equipment insurance


Machinery is one of the most important assets of any enterprise. AXA MBASK Insurance Company presents to your attention its machinery insurance product developed especially to provide indemnity for losses resulting from machinery damage and failure. 
This insurance is accompanied by the professional expertise and recommendations regarding the minimization of risks at your company.

Subject-matter of insurance:

  • Engines,
  • Generators,
  • Transformers,
  • Pumps,
  • Compressors,
  • And other machinery. Risks insured:
  • Unforeseen failures,
  • Personnel’s mistakes,
  • Explosion,
  • Influence of centrifugal force,
  • Explosion of boilers,
  • And other risks.

As common machinery insurance policy is purchased together with standard property insurance policy and serves as an additional coverage for risks not included into property insurance.

Medical (Health) insurance


AXA MBASK Insurance Company presents to your attention a number of medical insurance programs with various scopes of cover. Moreover at your request our specialists can develop individual program to satisfy your company's demands.

Voluntary medical insurance covers:

  • Medical emergency
  • Hospital treatment
  • Ambulatory treatment
  • Dental care
  • Maternity care.
Personal accident insurance


Personal Accident Insurance is one of the most important elements of the social package presented by the company to its employees.
This insurance indemnifies damage to life or health of employee resulting from accident, protecting financial welfare of his family. 

Risks insured:

  • Death of insured person resulting from personal accident,
  • Total or partial disability resulting from personal accident,
  • Medical expenses.

Conditions of insurance:

  • Employer can choose time when coverage is attached — 24 hours or working hours only,
  • Period of insurance — 1 year,
  • Insurance coverage can be provided in Azerbaijan or Worldwide (excluding zones of conflicts).




Travel insurance


Every month a number of your employees go to international business trips and it is not a secret that often there is no one who can be asked for help in case of emergencies. We offer you a solution for such situations. You only have to purchase a travel insurance policy.

By this insurance policyholder gets free medical services abroad according to the policy conditions. All coordination of policyholders is provided by worldwide network of International SOS Medical Assistance Company.

At your request insurance contract can be signed for 1 year or for the period of every single business trip.