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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

AXA MBASK Insurance Company presents to your attention various private insurance programs.

Our programs will provide you with confidence in all fields of your activity — from the safety of your vehicle or property to medical assistance and treatment while traveling abroad.
Private insurance of individuals is a top-priority part of our business, therefore we offer maximum wide range of insurance programs capable of satisfying our clients demands.

By insuring at our company you get various advantages such as:

  • We’ll help you to choose appropriate set of services according to your budget and expectations.
  • We’ll offer you a special discount for 2nd and every following insurance policy.
  • We guarantee you speedy claims handling according to the ISO 9001:2000 quality standards
  • Our experts will be at your service 24/7 immediately after the accident is reported.

We believe that you will choose AXA MBASK Insurance Company as your insurance partner for years.

Medical insurance

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AXA MBASK Insurance Company offers Voluntary Medical Insurance Police named “Healthy Life”.
“Healthy Life” is absolutely new product with no analogues in the country’s insurance market; it offers individuals HOSPITAL SERVICE ONLY.

Any individual, whose age is from 16 to 60, has a right to enter the medical insurance plan.


Besides those listed in the chapter “Exclusions from the insurance plan”, the Insurance Company covers all your medical expenses within the following liability limit:

·         - Total annual limit - 30,000 AZN

·         - Deferred Period – 6 months

·         - Period of continuous stay at hospital - 60 days

·         - Territorial Scope – Republic of Azerbaijan

·         - Insurance premium – 200 AZN


No surgical operation or hospital service expenses of this period are reimbursed, even in severe and urgent cases  (accident cases receive an insurance support as exclusion).


Description of the basic coverage:

·                   - Surgical operations

·                   - Treatment by medical specialists (including physiotherapy, medical massage, curing sports, acupuncture, manual therapy)

·                   - Instrumental diagnostics and laboratory analysis

·                   - Providing medicines prescribed  

·                   - Post-surgical and general care

·                   - Reanimation

·                   - Rehabilitation

·                   - Providing a patient with meal and ward (the coverage includes standard double ward)

 Rehabilitation:  During the period of 3 months after a surgical operation included into to Insurance Plan, reimbursement of the expenses for laboratory analysis and medical examination by specialist physicians, performed in direct connection with the surgery applied and under condition of the related medical appointment, is guaranteed. The Insurance Plan doesn’t cover providing with medicines prescribed for rehabilitation period and receiving of physiotherapeutic procedures including physiotherapy, medical massage, curing sports, acupuncture, manual therapy.


Description of Additional Coverage:

·                  - Oncologic diseases:

In situations when the surgical operation of benign tumours is needed for the patient’s living and staying in life, the surgery operation is covered by insurance.

The surgery operation of malignant tumours is covered by insurance.

Note: Course of the chemical treatment, medicines used during this treatment and relevant injections are covered by insurance only during the period of 3 months after a surgical operation applied, in frames of the rehabilitation support plan and according to the medical prescription from the doctor. 

·                  - Cardio-Surgery:

Surgical operation on aortic-coronary bypass surgery and implantation of the cardio-stands for treatment of an acute myocardial infarction  is covered by insurance only if infarction  was defined by a doctor as happened during the insurance period. When the need for surgery has been approved, the insurance company covers expenses on the angiography. 

·                  - Transplantation of Organs

The insurance company covers expenses for surgical operations on transplantation of organs only when its need resulted from an accident.

Note: Search for the needed transplantation organ’s donor, buying of that organ as well as the related expenses coverage – none of these is included into the insurance plan. When the alive donor is used for transplantation, the insurance company does not cover expenses for surgery operation on taking the organ from the donor. If the operation didn’t result in donor organ’s reception, transplantation repetition within the same insurance period is not included into the insurance plan.


·                   - varicose expansion of veins of the lower limbs (surgical operation)

Insurance covers necessary surgical operation on varicose expansion of veins of the lower limbs. Surgery intervention performed for getting rid of the venous asterisk belongs to plastic surgery and its coverage is not included into the insurance plan. Pampinocele is considered to be an inborn pathology and thus its surgery is not included into the insurance plan. Supportive medical accessories needed for post-operational rehabilitation, elastic bandages, stockings etc. are not included into the insurance plan.

·             - The insurance plan includes expenses on replacement of a joint with an endoprosthesis, surgical operation on limbs’ prosthetic (inborn pathology cases excluded). Cost of an endoprosthesis itself and costs of prostheses in general are not included into the insurance plan.

 * You can obtain broad information on diseases and accidents which are not included into the insurance plan here.



·         - We insist advising you: when the Insurance accident occurred, please immediately contact the Consultation-Coordination Centre of the insurance company, and our doctor-coordinators will advise you about how you should submit to the insurance company the information needed for receiving high level medical service in a short time.

·         - Any treatment, examination etc., not agreed with the insurance company in advance, will not receive an insurance coverage.

·         - The listed below is information, which necessarily should be submitted to the insurance company for the primary expertise needs, and the insurance company takes an obligation to keep it in secret:

·         - Name, Surname, Patronymic of the Insured and his/her insurance police number. 

·         - Name of the medical enterprise which performed the examination

·         - Name, surname and telephone numbers of the doctor, who performed the examination

·         - Broad description of the medical diagnosis.

·         - Original documentation of all the diagnostic and laboratory analysis related to the insurance event.

·         - Doctor’s notification confirming the need for stationary aid.


After all of the listed above documents are submitted, then our highly experienced medical experts will perform the medical expertise of the insured event. 

When the medical expertise by the insurance company confirms that the insured event had occurred in accordance with conditions of the contract between the insurance company and the patient, then you will be advised about the best medical establishments and highly experienced medical specialists providing medical services for your diagnosis; clinical consultations will be provided; you will be instructed about all procedures needed; control on the medical aid’s guarantied quality will be organized.

You can contact our Consultation-Coordination Department at the phone number (012) 950.


Our company has created its own system providing high level of the medical aid. This system includes advanced medical establishments operating in Baku area and Azerbaijan regions. The listed below clinics and apothecia are ready to provide their high level medical aid.




The Central Clinic


Baku, Parliament Str., 76


439 24 30

The Central Hospital for Oil Industry Workers


Baku, Yusif Safarov Str., 19


490 13 19



Baku, O.Salamzadeh Str., 66B


563 55 05

“Ortoped” Private Suty Hospital


Baku, Samed Vurghun Str., 138


440 51 11

“Uniklinika” Endo Clinic *


Baku, B.Aghayev Str., 115


510 80 70

“Diaqnoz” Medical Centre


Baku, Sarayev Str., 19


(050) 323 31 98

“HB Co Ltd”  Medical Centre


Baku, Ataturk Ave, Block 3078


436 14 96

“NEW GANJA”  Medical Centre


Gəncə şəhəri, Yeni Gəncə qəs., 28 May küçəsi


 051 386 46 13

“Real”  Medical Centre


Sumgayit, Block 45, Building 14


(018) 642 45 80

“N-KAY-M”  Medical Centre


Xachmaz, N.Narimanov Str., 49


(0172) 3 66 77 (74)


DNK  Medical Centre


Ganja, 20 Yanvar Str., 52


(994 222) 59-07-15

OKI Qusarı*


Gusar, F.Mustafayev Str., 27


(0138) 5 29 15


In case you have any displeasure about medical services provided by “Contractor Medical Establishments”, please immediately inform our company by contacts listed below:

Mob: 050-225-31-30

Phone: 012 493-53-09;



Our expert will immediately answer your questions and do the best for defending your interest and finding satisfying you solutions. On your complaining, all possible necessary measures to solve the problem will be undertaken. We ensure you that the highest level medical aid is available for you.



Motor insurance


During the last several years AXA MBASK Insurance Company keeps leading position in motor insurance on insurance market of Azerbaijan. Due to its experience in cooperation with various types of clients AXA MBASK Insurance Company acquired a unique expertise in motor insurance. Amongst tens of thousands of vehicles insured by our company there are both premium luxury cars and ordinary vehicles.

We offer you all types of coverage adopted internationally which can provide the best financial protection to our customers.

Private motor insurance is provided on the following conditions.


  • Big number of additional options such as documentation collecting assistance, courtesy car, legal help, etc,
  • Recovery of the vehicle from the accident place,
  • Repair in approved professional repair centers only,
  • Repair of all new vehicles and vehicles with after-sale warranty in official distributor’s centers only,
  • Payments on small damages without any documents from police (in case of no subrogation rights of Insurer),
  • Option to get financial indemnity (money payment) after the estimation by Insurer,
  • Continuous information support, etc.


Subject-matter of insurance
  • vehicle.
Risks insured:
  • road accidents,
  • fire,
  • lightning,
  • explosion,
  • forces of nature (rainfall, earthquake, storm, hurricane, flood, etc),
  • malicious acts of third parties,
  • damage of fallen objects,
  • theft (burglarious entry),
  • Other unexpected and accidental events.


Subject-matter of insurance
  • Vehicle owners liability.
Insurance programs:
  • Compulsory motor third party liability insurance,
  • Voluntary motor third party liability insurance.
Insured event:
  • Responsibility if the vehicle owner to indemnify the damage to the health or property of the third parties resulting from driving the insured vehicle.


Subject-matter of insurance
  • Life and health of driver and passengers in the vehicle.
Insured event:
  • Damage to health or death of driver or passengers resulting from personal accident occurred while moving in the vehicle or during the charge to or discharge from the vehicle.



  • Additional equipment insurance — audio, video, communication equipment, horns and other non-manufacturer’s equipment installed on the vehicle (list of equipment must be stated in the insurance policy),
  • Replacement of locks — reimbursement of expenses related with replacement of locks resulting from the loss of keys or remote control device,
  • Technical emergency assistance — arrangement of technical assistance to insured vehicle in case of failure or break-down,
  • Medical emergency assistance — arrangement of emergency medical help to driver and/or passengers of insured vehicle injured in accident,
  • Legal assistance — reimbursement of expenditures related with court taxes, other legal expenses, consequential losses not covered by insurance policy and expenses on attorney’s services in settlement of the issue in non-judicial order;
  • Driving other cars cover — covers legal liability of the Insurer while driving other cars.


Property insurance


Property is a keystone of your confidence in future and a guarantee of your financial stability. Therefore it is very important to provide your financial protection from the loss or damage to your property.

AXA MBASK Insurance Company has a great experience in property insurance. We can offer you the best insurance products and you have the opportunity to have a look on general information about those products right now.

Advantages of insuring at AXA MBASK:

  • Individual approach to every client and option and calculation of the individual insurance rate for every customer
  • Insurance consultancy on minimization of risks in your house, including recommendations regarding the improvement of fire protection,
  • Info support,
  • Option to choose various combination of risks according to your personal demands (hence no need to pay for risks that you do not want to be covered).

Subject-matter of insurance:

  • Flat,
  • House, villa, dacha,
  • Electrical appliances,
  • Furniture and other movable property.

Risks insured:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion,
  • Natural disasters, earthquake,
  • Falling of aircraft or other flying devices or their fragments,
  • Damage by water resulting from burst of pipes or overflow of reservoirs,
  • Malicious damage from third parties including theft with (violent or forcible) burglarious entry,
  • Impact by motor vehicles,
  • Landslip, subsidence, mudflow,
  • Other risks.

Additional coverage:
Householder's third party liability insurance for damage to health or property of third parties (including property and health of neighbors).

Personal accident insurance


We cannot predict event that can affect our health. But we can protect ourselves and our family from financial expenses resulting from such unforeseen accidents as injury, sickness or death of a family member. You only have to buy a personal accident insurance policy from AXA MBASK. 

Risks insured:

  • Death of insured person resulting from personal accident,
  • Total or partial disability resulting from personal accident,
  • Medical expenses.

Sum insured and rate:

  • Sum insured is individually set for every risk by the client subject to agreement of AXA MBASK Insurance Company.
  • Insurance rate is set depending on the number of risks insured, sums insured, age and sex of the Insured.
  • You can get more detailed information by downloading the following information.
Travel insurance

Travel Insurance (from personal accidents and medical expenses). 

Every time when travelling abroad, have you ever thought whom to entrust you health? If you purchase our Travel Insurance Policy for you and your relatives you will no longer have to worry about it. 

Thanks to coordination center of İnter Partner Assistance international assistant company, you will get at earliest premium quality service from highly qualified specialists at the best medical health care institutions around the world. When insurance accident happens, service center of İnter Partner Assistance provides health care, following up treatment progress and provides other services. 

The insured person can benefit from the services as per below: 

* Medical services (ambulance, diagnosis, treatment, hospitalization, surgery, supply of medicines); 

* Medical evacuation, repatriation, repatriation of the deceased, as well as medical consultation and transportation costs. 

The insurance contract also covers personal accidents.